Nicols & Haggard

It was a nice weekend of singin' solo for two nights, combined with a trip to Winnipeg with Blake and Bryce in support of our friend Quinton Blair — Three cheers for him launching the EP Cash Crop (love that name) into the world!

As many of you are aware, last week delivered a sad surprise with the death of Merle Haggard.  The drive to and from Winnipeg with Blake and Bryce was spent listening to a constant stream of Merle's songs.  There's no denial that he played a defining role in country music.  And there's no doubt he will be as celebrated as he is missed.

In that spirit, I offer you this:  Once upon a time, Merle's late guitarist of 20 years, Roy Nicols, quietly gave a guitar to a man who lives in Regina.  The guitar was thought to be lost by Nichols fans, and Fender guitar enthusiasts.  It is a piece of country history.  Last week it surfaced, and when it did, I made the trip with the boys to Sawchyn Guitars to see it.  It only seemed fitting to play something of Merle's to say thank you for all the music he gave us.

The video isn't the best quality, but you can still see the smile on Bryce's face, as he plays the instrument of one of country's greatest sidemen.



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