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Hi friends,

It's been some kind of seven days. There are weeks that pass simply: work, eat, run, rest, repeat. And then there are some weeks that are a complete spectrum of emotion, full of surprises at each turn. Here are seven things of note from the past seven:

1. I was awarded $10, 000 from Ralwco's Project 10K20 on Tuesday. A M A Z I N G.  I've been conceiving my next studio album for some time, and this is another brick in that wall. I have so many emotions... suffice to say that I'm overwhelmed. New album! Yes. Yes, yes, yes. Thank you, Rawlco.

2. My fella, Blake Berglund, gave the world another musical offeringand a sneaky peek into our private life with the artwork. (Photography credit goes to Del Barber while they were having coffee in my kitchen.)

3. I'm reading this book, and I dig it.

4. Loretta Lynn turned 84 on April 14th (or so Wikipedia tells me). She also just released a new record this year, which is the coolest thing ever, and an example I plan to follow when I'm 84.  I read this article about her recently. If you've ever wanted more details about her song "Fist City," look no further.

5. As a participant in "commercial activity" in our nation, I'm required to file two kinds of tax returns: income tax and GST. (Being an artist is lookin' pretty sweet right about now, I'll bet. "Two tax returns per year?" you think. "Sign me up!!!") My GST return has been "selected for an examination." Off to the tax doctor for me.

6. I visited the IMAX theatre twice this week.  Once with my five year old niece and a bunch of her Sparks buddies, and once to watch Star Wars — which made me feel like a five year old.

7. I wrote my 300th morning page in my Artist's Way quest.  An accomplishment that means everything to nobody.  Except me.



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