stepping out of studio

Two months is a long time to focus on making a record. It was a first for me, as was the experience of having my work shaped by another voice. There's lots to learn from both situations. Two months of visiting and revisiting the same work sheds light on the finicky nature of emotions. What feels to be a creative breakthrough on one day, can on the next turn into a mini existential dilemma regarding the intention and direction of a song. Allowing space for another person's vision is at times an exciting departure, and at other times is a bumpy ride down Ego Road.

Making records (and all art?) is a process of taking it real seriously, and then realizing that you really can't take yourself so seriously about things that are meant to be fun.

After two months, I'll tell you this: I'm grateful for Jason Plumb. He's seen me through this project and all the life events that have run concurrent. I'm pleased to join the list of artists who he's welcomed into his studio and his life. It's a good bunch of folks.

There's still lots to be done for this baby, but I'm already looking forward to the places it will take me. I see new travels in my future, and many helping hands to make the work light.


in love and gratitude,