where I may roam.

Well, that's a wrap on tour. What a trip! The Calgary Stampede was a marathon of country music, and brought some beautiful performance opportunities our way. Thanks to everyone at Würst, The National on 10th, The Palomino, The National Music Centre and the Speakeasy Garage. Blake and I have found a home here in the Calgary community. It's fertile ground, with great songwriters.

Mariel and Mike... I love you two, and you know it.

From Calgary to BC where we reconnected with Ward in Vernon at our Spinners Sound Centre concert. Ward has made the Okanagan a friendlier place to be through house concerts, and introducing me to the music supporting folk of the area. A friendship I cherish. And then beautiful Salmon Arm. There's nothing like it. Just check out this photo that Blake snapped. A thousand thank yous to Susan for having us back at the R.J. Haney Museum.

I think often about how being an independent artist is really about inter-dependence. Breaking bread with new friends. Organizing concerts in stores, houses, and amphitheatres. There are hundreds of people involved in just a few shows. All working together so that I can sing songs, and try to share my experience with an audience. I am deeply grateful for the privilege.

The next few weeks will have me on the road again, but I'll be camping. Reading. Hanging with my friend Heather. Connecting with old friends. Going to a family reunion. It's a special time. I'll share some of the adventure.

Hope you're having a happy summer, friends.



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