the feeling of purpose

photo: Carey Shaw

photo: Carey Shaw

Yesterday, in the strange post-US-election world, I felt lost and confused and unsure of what to do with myself. In typical fashion, I turned to work. I prepared for a new undertaking. It was easier than I thought it would be: it helped that it was a beautiful fall day, and that I kept a date with two of my favourite humans and collaborators:

Jeremy Sauer and Steve Leidal. We did what we do... talked music, and traded concepts. We created and cooperated. 

Steve has been tasked with preparing orchestral scores for a pair of my songs. The size and scope and sound are immense to me. I'm used to managing three to eight musicians. When I heard Steve's arrangements, they moved me with emotion. They made me wonder how I will hold myself together with 22 orchestra musicians making magic happen with me. The arrangements, along with two others by Drew Jurecka [Jill Barber], will be premiered in my debut with the Regina Symphony Orchestra on December 17th. It's a huge step for me, and I know that it's an event local to Regina. But I'm working on making the event accessible to more people than just my community. I want to share it with all of you. I want you all to know what it sounds like

If you are in my neck of the woods, you can pick up tickets for the December 17th show here.

So I woke up blue yesterday. But with Jeremy and Steve, I remembered my purpose, and it filled my heart with gratitude for my job and those who support me in it.



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