Toronto, I'm coming for you.

L to R: David, moi, and Caleb Stull jammed into a photo booth in Vancouver.

L to R: David, moi, and Caleb Stull jammed into a photo booth in Vancouver.

Ontario, I will forsake you no longer.

This Thursday I'll let loose a string of April and May dates that I'm taking on with Blaker and Bryce at my side, but for tonight...

I want to tell you about someone who's hosting a show for me in Toronto on April 29th.

I met David Newberry in a foggy past – maybe at a house concert in Regina, maybe some occasion previous. I'm not sure. But once we met it was soon clear that dude had roots all over the country. Everyone I met knew him. Everyone I met had toured with him. And no one had a bad word to say.

My favourite example of this phenomenon happened in 2013 at a house concert I played in Nelson, BC. When I mentioned Dave to the host, James Lamb, a tip jar was retrieved and thrust in my direction. I was encouraged to make a donation. So many people had randomly mentioned Newbs to James that he decided we should all pony up to honour Dave's contributions to our scene and community. (Tip jar proof!)

In my eyes, David's music has always reflected who he is: provocative, cerebral, irreverent – but always accessible, and with deep honesty at the core. I spent the week after Folk Alliance 2014 singing his words, "I swear I just saw Freddy Mercury..." I dare you to try listening to that song and not have the same happen to you.

So, Toronto, would you join us on April 29th – Dave's birthday no less – for songs and hangs? I'd sure like to have you there to meet and celebrate and make merry. Details here.

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