golden ring video release

Is this thing on?

image: Carey Shaw

image: Carey Shaw

Hello kittens,

It's been a little while since I've said a hello or anything, but to be fair, I took 2017 down to the damn mat. There was singing with the Regina Symphony Orchestra three times in 12 months, and touring all over America with Blaker to support his album Realms. (Which I'm so, so proud to be a part of, and if you haven't listened, do yourself a favour.) There was also playing killer showcase spots at AmericanaFest and Folk Alliance, and digging in with my dear band in the studio. From the rearview, 2017 was a year of building, dreaming and quietly creating the landscapes I want to live within until the next horizon appears.

Today is a very special day, because I'm sharing a slice of 2017's work with the world. I got little jack films, and Joao Carvalho Mastering (who's nominated for a frigging GRAMMY) on the horn at the start of January, and asked if they were down with creating a video for my tune "Golden Ring". They were, and somehow – with lotsa help from Elizabeth Curry and Rebecca Windjack – we made a thing happen. Check it out:

Hey??? Whaddya think?!

Along with this happy news of a video is the fact that I have some wonderful opportunities to sing in the coming month. I hope one of these shows is near you.

That's all for me. Be strange, but don't be a stranger.


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