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a word on house concerts, and national debuts...

You heard of house concerts yet? They're one of those things that have been a constant companion over the years in my career. Big and little, close to home or on either coast, I have benefited from them time and time again.

People who host house concerts are music supporters of a special breed. Sometimes they put us up for the night. Often they cook a meal for us poor, van-living, hummus eaters. They invite their whole community out, and convince them to spend their hard earned greenbacks on an artist they've possibly never heard of. It's impressive, let me tell you.

A few years ago, when I was in Kansas City for Folk Alliance International (where I'm headed next week in large thanks to Creative Saskatchewan!) I got stuck in an elevator. Be damned if I didn't make a few business contacts out of it. I met Jackie Bourgaize of Gallery House Concerts in that strange situation. She assured me that if she was ever in an emergency, she hoped to have me present to manage the crisis.

With that as our first impression, Jackie and I set a date for a show in May 2016. It was arguably the most organized house concert I've ever attended or played. The Gallery team has it down.

Little did I know that eight months later, both Gallery House Concerts and I would get a nod from CBC's q with Tom Power. I got a text from my pal Leigh Ann. She'd been listening to the program on the Halifax stream and alerted me. I thought she was surely mistaken. As I typed my, "sure, sure" response, a tweet notification came to my phone. I was slack-jawed.

If you missed hearing it, I did a lame-o low-fi recording on my iPhone, which is just below. This special moment marked the first time I've had attention from q. It's a feather in my cap that I'm so proud of (not to mention pleased that my first album got the spin), and happy to share with the lovelies responsible for a wonderful concert last year.

SO! In conclusion: house concerts are fantastic, and (cue infomercial music) if you're interested in what it takes to book one with me, just send a wee message to


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