bassist / bg vocals

photo: careyshaw.com

This is my incredible pal, Elizabeth Curry. We've been through years of gigs, and learning the ropes together. Over that time she's gotten to know me in the way that only band members can. The pearly smiles and the warts. She's seen them all. I'm grateful for her attention to the health of our band-family (bamily?), and for being our gentle guru in matters of the human spirit and social conscience. I'm glad for all she's brought to my life.

Today she's laying down bass for the new record. I can't be in studio with her and Jason, cause I'm out of town visiting my Gran (whose hearing aids are in the shop, so STOP MUMBLING FOR ONCE). It's weird to be away for this one, but I know Beth will be agile and creative on the fly with Jason's vision for the album. And I'll have some sweet surprises to listen to when they're done.

Holy smokes, we are working at making a shit-kicking good record.




drums / and sometimes bass too

I stole this guy from Blake Berglund's band three years ago, and I ain't sorry for it. He's since been a regular in my line-up in many capacities – usually as a drummer, but sometimes a bassist, sometimes a writer, and sometimes an arranger for our symphonic endeavours (where he is patient with my strange attempts at guidance: "It should sound like a haunted house. But like it's haunted with regret, not ghosts.")

Next to how good he makes us all look onstage, his sense of humour is probably my favourite thing about him. Group messaging is a joy with him on the thread.

This is my pal Steve Leidal, and today he's killing it in studio laying down tracks for the new album. Dude is a perfect human drum machine.



studio one, week one

it's beginning...


Week one of recording is in the bag. Progress is understandably slow when you're creating something that will define the next two to five years of your life.

Send love and chocolate and licorice tea.