summer of denim

jean jean jean


No more studio. I'm a road dog again. You can catch me and these boys – Steve Leidal, Bryce Lewis and Blake Berglund – at a prairie venue near you.

Hang on, St. Christopher.



JUNE 2 | Nokomis, SK | Nokomis Craft Ales

JUNE 3 | Tisdale, SK | The Sweet Cup

JUNE 4 | Greenwater Lake, SK | Lake Life Inn

JUNE 6 | Prince Albert, SK | Keyhole Castle

JUNE 7 | Birch Hills, SK | Flute & Fiddle/Mane Event

JUNE 8 | Humboldt, SK | Community Gathering Place

JUNE 9 | Swift Current, SK | Market Square

JUNE 10 | Brock, SK | The Church

JUNE 11 | Kyle, SK | House Concert

JUNE 15 | Grenfell, SK | The Lilac Room

JUNE 16 | Carlyle, SK | Michael's Coffeeshop & Bakery

JUNE 17 | Regina, SK | Bazaart^

JUNE 17 | Winnipeg, MB | House Concert*

JUNE 18 | Cherry Lake, SK | House Concert

JUNE 22 | Moose Jaw, SK | TBA

JUNE 23 | Medicine Hat, AB | Arts Bistro & Wine Bar

JUNE 24 | Duchess, AB | Red Roof Studio

JUNE 26 | Wayne, AB | Last Chance Saloon

JUNE 27 | Stettler, AB | TBA

JUNE 29 | Red Deer, AB | Pinecone Opry

JUNE 30 | Calgary, AB | The Palomino

JULY 1 | Lethbridge, AB | Canada Day Celebrations


   ^Blake Berglund solo

   *Belle Plaine trio


stepping out of studio

Two months is a long time to focus on making a record. It was a first for me, as was the experience of having my work shaped by another voice. There's lots to learn from both situations. Two months of visiting and revisiting the same work sheds light on the finicky nature of emotions. What feels to be a creative breakthrough on one day, can on the next turn into a mini existential dilemma regarding the intention and direction of a song. Allowing space for another person's vision is at times an exciting departure, and at other times is a bumpy ride down Ego Road.

Making records (and all art?) is a process of taking it real seriously, and then realizing that you really can't take yourself so seriously about things that are meant to be fun.

After two months, I'll tell you this: I'm grateful for Jason Plumb. He's seen me through this project and all the life events that have run concurrent. I'm pleased to join the list of artists who he's welcomed into his studio and his life. It's a good bunch of folks.

There's still lots to be done for this baby, but I'm already looking forward to the places it will take me. I see new travels in my future, and many helping hands to make the work light.


in love and gratitude,



all the keys, and sometimes banjo


Do you have a friend who's good at most everything? And seems to have good sense, and knows everything too? Like in the annoying way that you're like, "How did he know that too? I hate when he's right about all the things."

I can beat Jeremy at cribbage, and my lyrics are better than his.

One time Jeremy was on a Belle Plaine poster in his bath robe. One time I made him laugh so hard by reading from a dictionary that he hit his head and fell down. One time I baked him cookies so he'd do my homework. I've known him for over half my life, and that's pretty good news.

That's my pal, Jeremy Sauer, master of the keyboards, chord structure, tour schedules and sound board. Ain't no getting around the fact that I don't know what I'd do without him.